Novedades en inglés infantiles y juveniles


  • Goldilocks and the three bears
  • Puppies
  • Fairies
  • Christmas
  • Farmyard hullabaloo  


  • Katie in Scotland
  • Little Princess: I want to go to the fair!
  • Elmer and the stranger
  • Peter pan.
  • Stick man 
  • Wendy the witch
  •  Chocolate Island
  • Winnie´s magic moments
  • ¡Los vampiros no existen!/ Vampires do not exist! 
  • The very hungry caterpillar

  • Jack and his computer. 
  • Bichos: una aventura en miniatura (bilingüe).
  • Katie Price´s. Perfect ponies. The new best friend.
  • Katie Price´s. Perfect ponies.Fancy dress ponies.
  • The Royal ballet school diaries. Lara´s perfect performance.


  • Shipwreck on the pirate islands.
  • The Mona Mousa code
  • Valentine´s disaster
  • The Christmas Day toy factory


  • Lost in the jungle. Susan Newman.
  • Gulliver´s travels. Jonathan Swift.
  • Footsteps. Simon Betterton.
  • The evil painting. Julie Hart.
  • The magic pen. Julie Hart.


  • The queen, the mice and the cheese.
  • Storm treasure.
  • The wrong shirt
  • Touch the moon
  • Clever Lad


  • Jack the Giant-killer
  • The pied piper of Hamelin
  • Aladdin and the lamp
  • Push in boots
  • Hansel y Gretel


  • Harry Potter and the half-blood prince. J.K. Rowling.
  • The spiderwick chronicles. Lucinda´s secret.
  • The secret diary of Adrian Mole. Sue Townsend
  • The picture of Dorian Gray. Oscar Wilde.
  • The phantom of the opera. Gaston Leroux.
  • The hacker. Ken Harris.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. hyde. Robert Louis Stevenson.
  • The witches. Roald Dahl.
  • Jeremy Thatcher, dragon hatcher. A magic shop book
  • Triss. Brian Jaques.
  • Tales of mystery and imagination. Edgar Allan Poe.
  • The amulet of Samarkand. Jonathan Stroud.
  • Las aventuras de Tom Bombadil y otros poemas de El Libro Rojo / The adventures of Tom Bombadil and others verses from The Red Book. J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • The pearls of Lutra. Brian Jaques.
  • Marlfox. Brian Jaques.


  • Vicious vikings
  • Groovy greeks
  • The measly middle ages
  • Awful egyptians
  • Ruthless romans


Nivel 2:

  • Gulliver´s travels. Jonathan Swift.
  • Lord Jim. Joseph Conrad.
  • The prince and the pauper Mark Twain.
  • Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens.
  • The jungle book. Rudyard Kipling.

Nivel 3:

  • The merchant of Venice and other stories from Shakespeare´s plays
  • The Pickwick papers. Charles Dickens.
  • Two boxes of gold and other stories. Charles Dickens.
  • Robinson Crusoe. Daniel Dafoe.

  • The red badge of courage. Stephen Crane.
  • Around the world in eight days. Jules Verne.
  • The missing scientist. S.F. Stevens.
  • The adventures of Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain.
  • A tale of two cities. Charles Dickens.

Nivel 4:

  • The great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • King Solomon´s mines. H. Rider Haggard
  • Journey to the centre of the earth. Jules Verne.
  • Seven stories. H.G. Wells
  • Tales of mystery and imagination. Edagr Allan Poe
  • Twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Jules Verne
  • Othello and other stories from Shakespeare´s plays
  • Tess of the dÚrbervilles. Thomas Hardy
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and other stories. Robert Louis Stevenson

Nivel 5:

  • Frankestein. Mary Shelley.
  • Dragon seed. Pearl S. Buck
  • Kidnapped. Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Three men in a boat. Jerome K. Jerome
  • Pride and prejudice. Jane Austen.


  • Under the sea
  • Christmas Art Ideas
  • Farm animals
  • Baby animals
  • Tree
  • Birds
  • Wind
  • Dogs & Puppies
  • Cats & Kittens
  • Oceans and seas
  • Body Atlas
  • Space
  • 100 facts on Pirates
  • 100 facts on Ancient Rome
  • Light, sound & electricity 
  • My best book of weather
  • Astronomy
  • Our planet
  • The Oxford Junior Atlas

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